Our fees

Our consultation fees are:

Typical Consultation Our Fee (inc GST)
Genetic Counsellor
Initial Consultation* 45 minutes $287.50
Follow up consult 30 minutes $143.75
Psychology Support
Psychologist 60 minutes $189.00
Medical Specialists
Gynaecological Oncologist 45 minutes $330.00
Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon 45 minutes $330.00
Medical Oncologist 45 minutes $330.00

Genetic Testing
Family Cancer Service collaborates with a number of internationally accredited laboratories that provide genetic testing services. Your genetic counsellor is best positioned to determine which genetic test is most appropriate for you.

Our genetic tests is made up of the following.

  • $488.75 which covers; shipment of your specimen to our laboratory, administration, a post-test Zoom consultation to review your results and an opinion from Specialist (Clinical Geneticist) if required
  • $250.00 USD (this is paid directly to our laboratory)

An initial consult with a genetic counsellor* is a requirement prior to any testing being undertaken.

Health Insurance

Genetic Counselling and Genetic Testing
Typically New Zealand health insurance companies do not provide cover for genetic counselling and testing.

However, we are aware of insurance cover being provided in certain circumstances. We recommend that you discuss your individual situation with your insurance company prior to consultation.

Medical Specialists
Consultations provided by our Medical Specialists may not be covered by your health insurance policy. We encourage you to clarify this with your policy provider prior to your consultation.